Unveiling the Secrets of Fine BURLY Fireclay Sinks: A Superior Choice for Long-lasting Kitchen Fixtures

Unveiling the Secrets of Fine BURLY Fireclay Sinks: A Superior Choice for Long-lasting Kitchen Fixtures - BURLY FINE FIRECLAY SINKS

Introduction: When it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen sink, the options may seem overwhelming. Among the contenders, two prominent materials stand out in classic collection: Vitreous China and Fine Fireclay. In this blog post, we'll delve into the characteristics of these materials and highlight why Fine Fireclay, particularly offered by Burly, outshines its competitors.

Understanding Vitreous China: Vitreous China is a widely used material in the production of sanitaryware. Characterized by its low water absorption of less than 0.5%, Vitreous China is an industry standard with a notable 11.2% shrinkage rate upon firing. This high shrinkage poses challenges in maintaining shape, especially for long or flat panels, as it has a greater tendency to warp and distort.

Fine Fireclay: The Game-Changer for Durable Kitchen Sinks: Fine Fireclay, on the other hand, materials such as ball clays, china clays, silica, and chamotte, we import high quality from Germany. This unique composition results in several advantages, making it a superior choice for kitchen sinks. Fine Fireclay boasts a water absorption rate between 6% and 11%, leading to a glazed finish on surfaces that come into contact with water.

Durability and Adaptability for Industrial and Home Use: One of the standout features of Fine Fireclay is its durability, surpassing that of Vitreous China. This durability makes Fine Fireclay adaptable to various environments, from industrial operations to household areas like laundry rooms and, most notably, kitchen sinks. The stability of the materials used in Fine Fireclay, combined with high-temperature firing and soaking, ensures strength and durability over time.

Shrinkage Matters: Maintaining Shape for Long-Lasting Sinks: The shrinkage of Fine Fireclay, ranging between 4% and 6%, is significantly less than that of Vitreous China. This characteristic enables Fine Fireclay to maintain a flat and straight surface more easily, addressing concerns related to warping and distortion that are common with Vitreous China.

The Finishing Touch: Engobe for Lasting Quality: In terms of finishing, Vitreous China typically features a glaze applied directly to the clay piece, resulting in a smoother finish. Fine Fireclay, however, employs a different approach with a secondary material called Engobe. Placed between the clay piece and the finishing glaze, Engobe ensures that the thermal expansion between the two materials is maintained, preventing issues such as peeling or cracking in the finished goods.

Conclusion: Choose Fine Fireclay Sinks for Superior Longevity and Performance: In the battle of Vitreous China vs. Fine Fireclay, the latter emerges as the champion for creating high-quality kitchen sinks. With its lower shrinkage, enhanced durability, and meticulous finishing process, Fine Fireclay, as offered by Burly, stands as the ideal choice for those seeking longevity and performance in their kitchen fixtures. Choose Fine Fireclay for a sink that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for long-lasting quality and style.